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Why everyone will love Build Fresh as much as I do

We’ll manage so that you can relax!

This is the best reason for you to hire us!

As project managers, we are capable of applying our expertise to your project, which we know that you value deeply in order to get the best possible outcome. Let us worry about the details and the particulars so that you don’t have to.

By formulating a detailed scope that revolves around your custom requirements, we will amend our strategies to better suit the action plan, which we will monitor every step of the way so that you get what you dreamt of in the first place!

With project management and design experience that we have, we will bring the best of both industries to your project and manage all aspects so you can be stress free!

Keeps your project on track with schedules and budgets!

Ever wondered why projects get dragged along and exceed budgets?
The answer in many situations would be either poor or no management at all! Delays and cost overruns have become common with renovation projects due to poor planning and insufficient management control.

The benefit of having us alongside of you is that you would experience no such thing.
With our experience in project management, we will focus on schedules and budgets to keep the project on track. This means that we will monitor the tasks from day one to allow them flow smoothly with no delays. We have always been competitive with our pricing and that is a prime example of what we offer to a project without compromising quality.

The level of detail, cost of materials and hidden costs by contractors in many projects will create burdens towards projects by adding lags and additional price tags along the process. We are here to assess such instances before they arise and avoid them to keep the project running as smooth as possible on a given time period and a budget.

After all, managing is what we do best!

Avoid risks!

Increase in costs? Delay in schedule? Contractor left half way through the project? Issues with town planning authority? Unable to source the expected furniture, fixtures or fittings?

Yes! We have got solutions for all of these before you even though about the question!

With our immense experience in the industry, we have seen issues arise and we have solved them for so long. The important rules that we live by are to think ahead and be mindful of what might happen. Because risks and issues may be just around the corner. It would not hurt to stop, think, strategise and form solutions for such questions.

We keep track of budgets, schedules and all the changes that were made since the beginning of the project (if any!) and we will use all that information to make better informed decisions to avoid and mitigate risks on projects.

It is the nature of the job and we love finding solutions!

We know people who know people… who know more people!

Is sourcing contractors, builders and tradesmen an issue?
Say no more! We really do know people, who know more people!

We are capable of sourcing contractors, builders and tradesmen for everything that is needed for your renovation project ranging from demolition, building, plumbing, tiling, painting and roofing installations.

Our network is not limited to these as we are also able to secure the lowest rates for you from retail outlets for all your furniture, fixtures and fittings requirements that are needed to stylise your home.

We have long working relationships with many contractors and suppliers and we will deliver the best services for your project while collaborating with them.

Sahan Kekiriwaragoda joined the Build Fresh team in mid 2018. Sahan is a qualified interior designer and project manager with local and international qualifications. His experience includes international and Melbourne buildingd and design projects. Sahan specialises in kitchen and bathroom joinery design and especially loves presenting 3D concepts and new interiors to Build Fresh clientele.