Residential building project managers on your side

Residential building project managers on your side

Project Management

Build Fresh project managers are experienced with project managing renovations, new builds, extensions, and townhouse developments all over Melbourne and we work very hard to achieve great success! Save time, money and hassle with Build Fresh Building Project Management services on your side and call Build Fresh today to see how we can project manage your next build.

Property Development

Build Fresh Project Managers have extensive experience in Melbourne construction and high-end property development. You can rely on our expertise and building advice to help you manage your investment and commercial construction development projects for greater profitability.

Building or Renovating

Are you planning a new build in Melbourne? Build Fresh can help guide you through the process and take the hassle and headache out of constructing or renovating your home. Our experienced project managers are experts at outsourcing and connecting you with the right builder at the right price, overseeing the scope of work and negotiating with local architects, builders and planners on your behalf.

Buying Off-The-Plan

Build Fresh Property Managers will check your off-the-plan documents before you sign on the dotted line! Our qualified contractors provide expert advice on the content of floor plans, drawings, specifications, inclusions and exclusions to ensure that your new build project and scope of work meet or exceed your expectations and comply with appropriate codes – all before you sign the contract.

Interior Design

Your new home or remodel should reflect your personal taste inside and out. Trust a Build Fresh interior designer for renovation or new builds to bring your unique style to life with wall colours, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring and furnishings coordinated to make a design statement that’s distinctly you.


A new home construction or renovation project can put a strain on relationships. Build Fresh Project Managers are adept at keeping the communication lines open with Melbourne builders, local architects, tradesmen, and designers—from start to finish!

How much does it cost to build a house in Melbourne?

Whatever the costs, we can help manage your bottom line and avoid unnecessary costs every step of the way. Build Fresh not only negotiate the best contract to meet your budget but we also review your architectural plans and specifications; oversee every phase of construction; communicate with contractors, builders, and designers; perform pre-handover inspections, and assign an interior designer to design your brief of scope and bring your dream home to life.

The cost of a new build in Melbourne depends on fees charged by your local architect or draftsman, experience and quality of your chosen builder, trades, suppliers, and interior designer.

Build Fresh project managers collaborate with a team of design and construction professionals to find the right builder, appropriate scope and contracts and negotiate and provide new build and renovation options. We source experienced architects, builders, carpenters, and craftsmen to design and build your new home according to your preferred style on your chosen property site. As land costs vary according to the location of your new home site and must be figured into the overall cost of construction, Build Fresh regularly team up with local property advocates to assess the cost of potential land in an area of Melbourne you wish to build your new home and assist you to budget for an appropriate cost of building project. We will be happy to work with your Real Estate agent and find a specialised local architect to ensure that your new home plans are compatible with your choice of new construction site. Our Project Managers have years of experience in construction and are highly skilled at reading plans and design options and can assist you to find the best builder to construct on new home sites or knock down rebuild options.

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You can rely on Build Fresh Project Managers to give you the service and attention to detail to help streamline construction, avoid cost overruns and waltz you through the process of new homeownership without the headaches and stress that so many people inadvertently experience when project managing themselves.