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Who do I speak to first? Architect, Builder or Council?

Where do you start when you want to build? You can ask a builder but really don’t need them until after planning which might be a year away. Is this really fair to them to guide you and work for free? Are they guiding you to the easiest path for them or not the right […]

Will builders charge more because I have a high budget?

Is your land worth a lot of money? IS your build high end? Is your planned project luxurious and high value? Just because you have money, you don’t need to waste it or pay over the odds to others. Build Fresh project managers assist you to plan your project clearly from the start and create […]

Building Advocates and Building Project Manager services for Australian Expats and Internationals returning or relocating to Melbourne

If you are an expat returning to Australia, or an international resident wanting to move to live in Melbourne, building or renovating a property can be an excellent decision to get you into your own newly built property designed and tailored to your specific taste and needs. Are you wildly trawling properties for sale and having a […]

Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Building Your Dream Home

Have you guessed why the terms “Costly Mistakes” and “Dream Home” are often closely phrased? The answer is simple; “Bad Decisions”.  At Build Fresh, we have made it our priority to guide you towards “Well-informed Decisions” with our combination of expertise so you could rest easy throughout the process. As project managers who have been […]

Why everyone will love Build Fresh as much as I do

We’ll manage so that you can relax! This is the best reason for you to hire us! As project managers, we are capable of applying our expertise to your project, which we know that you value deeply in order to get the best possible outcome. Let us worry about the details and the particulars so […]

Benefits of engaging a building and renovation Project Manager

Where do I start when I want to build or renovate my house? I hear you say… A great start would be to engage an experienced building and construction Project Manager such as Build Fresh. An expert project manager will ensure a smooth process and save you a lot of money, time and hassle by […]

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