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Building Advocates and Building Project Manager services for Australian Expats and Internationals returning or relocating to Melbourne

If you are an expat returning to Australia, or an international resident wanting to move to live in Melbourne, building or renovating a property can be an excellent decision to get you into your own newly built property designed and tailored to your specific taste and needs.

Are you wildly trawling properties for sale and having a Goldilocks moment? Are they too small, too big, not enough bathrooms, backyards need too much work or just not where you want to live or not your style? Are you wondering what Melbourne’s building industry is like? or What will happen in Melbourne’s building industry in 2023?

Imagine if you could have a one stop shop who knows the industry well, is highly connected with a great selection of reliable and quality Melbourne builders and independently works solely on your behalf to make it all happen from concept to completion. Build Fresh provide a fully tailored custom turnkey design and building service right here in Melbourne.

Build Fresh project managers have over 20 years of experience in Melbourne’s building industry and are highly regarded as experts in client side project management of building construction. We manage property owner’s needs throughout the building process from initial concept, through to hand selecting, negotiating, and sourcing the right architect, all plans and permits, councils, town planners, engineers, and other consultants.

Build Fresh has worked with Australian Expats from London, UK, Texas, USA, Madrid, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and New York just to name a few. It is a great service for our future residents, and we love to look after our clients well and make the move to Australia as smooth as possible.

Build Fresh spend hours consolidating the documents and preparing the applications for building permits and we report back to our clients regularly to keep them informed and comfortable and most importantly we know who the best builder in Melbourne is for your project. We thoroughly vet each consultant, contractor and builder we introduce to your project and we oversee each and every one on your behalf every step of the way from concept to completion in a full turnkey building service.

Build Fresh pride ourselves as independent Project Managers with vast experience and bring to you and your project a wealth of tried and tested contacts to ensure your project is a success. We exclusively work for you to ensure you have a high-quality team on your project and most importantly that you are updated every step of the way with confidence that your requirements are being met and your project is on track for success.

You are in control. You will be confident your project is in order. You will not have issues borne from making the wrong decisions or not knowing the local industry and regulations, and you will always have your own independent project manager on your side to oversee your project and answer any questions you may have at any time.

Throughout your project, we keep in communication with you, answering any questions that you might have and regularly reporting updates at each stage of the process. 
We are highly connected and can easily refer you to other independent partners in Melbourne such as Melbourne property experts, buyers’ advocates, mortgage brokers, immigration lawyers, conveyancers and financial advisers, further assisting you for a smooth transaction returning to, or arriving in Australia.

What are you waiting for, give Build Fresh a call today to get some advice and insight into Melbourne’s building industry and how we can represent you from the ground to execute your new build ready for you to move in.